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Emergency Lighting testing in an old factory

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Hello everyone

I am new on here and hoping you will be able to help me out.

I am after some advise. I have recently been given the task of looking after the emergency lighting in my place of work which is a large old factory, and 3x 3 story offices

The HS manager has given me the headache of sorting it all out. We have never done any form of E / light testing in the factory on a regular intervals, and no records exsist of any E / lighting.

Am I doing the right thing by getting a register of all the e lights in each area and giving them a number as a reference. Entering the number onto a plan like this.

Then I have devised a simple tick sheet

And also A replacement sheet in a a4 binder for each area.

Is all of the acceptable ??

Thanks for any advise!

The screen shots have not been allowed of the plan of area and the test sheet

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You can write as many sheets as you like, the one thing you should really do is to test each light for its duration. There is a saying amongst fire engineers "Just because the green light is on does not mean its working" I tested some last month, I had one fail after 30 seconds. Its now fixed. But my point is as "the little green light was on" If It was believed this to be an indication all is well It would have been wrong, and the light would have been no use in a power failure.

It depends on what type of lights you have but in short you should switch the mains off to each one (via a dedicated switch) and see how long it stays lit for, it should stay on for 180 minutes or more.

The switches may look similar to Key-Switch-3_thumb_210.jpg

Or you may even have ELT10_WebImage_thumb_210.jpg

Safelincs do sell just the key for the first switch (its a very common one) You can find the key on This Page

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