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Are emergency lights needed in bedrooms of care home

Guest GaryHilli

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3.4.4 Emergency escape lighting

People in your premises must be able to find their way to a place of safety if there is a fire by using escape routes that have enough lighting. In premises of limited size/occupation, e.g. ground and first floor, with a small number of residents (up to four) who do not rely upon staff for assistance with evacuation, and where the escape routes are simple and straightforward, borrowed lighting from a dependable source, e.g. from streetlamps where they illuminate the escape routes, may be acceptable.

In most care homes particularly those that are larger and more complex with more residents, a more comprehensive system of automatic emergency escape lighting should be in place to illuminate all the escape routes. Where people have difficulty seeing conventional signs, a ‘way-guidance’ system may need to be considered.

Further guidance on emergency escape lighting is given in Part 2, Section 5.

Check out https://www.gov.uk/g...ential-care.pdf or

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Guest Charlie Ward

I am organising a conference on emergency lighting and want to include a session emergency lighting for care homes - are you aware of any care homes that have recently developed their escape route lighting under the recent guidance act to ensure it is compliant? Looking for an case study to include within the programme.

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