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Cold Smoke air transfer grilles?


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Hi I have a server room on the ground floor at the bottom of the stairs (two storey office) means of escape. Currently the door has a two metal grilles with nothing in between (just the hole 150mm x 150mm) no intumescent etc. Is there a cold smoke type of grille on the market? Many thanks in advance.

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3 hours ago, Rahel Lock said:

Hi Eric 
you could use our fire rated intumescent air transfer grill which is available in the size of your hole (150x150cm).
I hope this helps.

Hi Rahel,

Yes thanks for that I have used your products in the past for this and was looking for something that specifically controls cold smoke?

Many thanks

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You'd need a combined fire & smoke damper - these are usually powered and linked to a fire detection & alarm system.

For example you fit this to the door or doors:

Then link them to this control & monitoring system:

Which in turn is linked to your fire alarm system.

All vastly expensive hence rare to see.

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