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Holiday let

Guest Kelly

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Guest Kelly

Hi. I have a small 2 bed holiday let and would like to know what the advice is for type/size of extinguisher. Can anyone help please? 

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Does the property have working smoke alarms on each level ?

The "problem" with fire extinguishers is that even though they have printed usage instructions on them, in a panic most folk will not be able to effectively use a fire extinguisher, also unless you buy "service free" extinguishers you will need to have them serviced annually, there is also the problem of malicious use.

If you still want to buy a fire extinguisher for your holiday let I would suggest you get maintenance free watermist extinguishers as it covers multiple "risks"  Two would be a good idea, as then there will be one for "spare" The other question is, does your insurance company require you to have fire extinguishers in your holiday let?

Safelincs can supply you with water mist extinguishers, please Click Here

What fire extinguishers do you have in your home?

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From the applicable Government guidance (https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/64257cff2fa8480013ec0fec/A_guide_to_making_your_small_paying-guest-accommodation_safe_from_fire.pdf)

"In the event of a fire, evacuating the premises is the safest thing to do and guests should not be expected to use firefighting equipment.
If you have staff on the premises, or if they regularly visit the premises, firefighting equipment should be provided, and staff should be trained on how to use the equipment.
You will need to make sure that the instructions on how to use any firefighting equipment are clear, that there is a warning that evacuation is preferable, and that staff should not put themselves at risk or tackle anything other than a very small fire.
In self-catering accommodation, although guests are not expected to use fire-fighting equipment, you may wish to provide a small multi-purpose fire extinguisher and/or fire
blanket in the kitchen area.

You can buy suitable multi-purpose extinguishers, guaranteed for five years, from a range of larger DIY outlets. You should check the gauge regularly to make sure the ‘stored pressure’ has not leaked. Low maintenance 10-year extinguishers are also available. Multi-purpose powder fire extinguishers should not be provided, as they are not suitable for use in enclosed spaces."

5 year multi purpose extinguisher https://www.safelincs.co.uk/1-litre-water-mist-fire-extinguisher-ultrafire/

Low maintenance multi purpose extinguisher https://www.safelincs.co.uk/britannia-p50-2ltr-water-mist/


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