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Hi. Can anyone tell me if a 3 story holiday let is classed as a small premises or a large one? It is mid-terraced and has living accommodation on the ground floor, 2 bedrooms on the first floor, and 2 bedrooms on the second floor. It can hold up to 9 people at any one time. 

Thank you.

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The current definition of small is:
• single premises of ground floor, or ground and first floor, providing sleeping accommodation for a maximum of 10 persons, with no more than four bedrooms on the first floor, such as houses, cottages, and chalets

• individual flats (whether within a purpose-built block of flats or a house that has been converted into flats), other than unsually large flats (e.g. as often found in mansion blocks in London)

The extra floor would make the larger premises guidance an applicable benchmark.

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The fact that you have a second floor would seem to preclude the use of small premises.

Approved Document B Vol 2 2019 Amendment 2020  

4.2   Small premises should meet all of the following general conditions.


i.     It should be single occupancy.

ii.    It should not comprise more than a basement storey, ground storey and first storey.

iii.  No storey should have a floor area more than 280m2.

b.  Any kitchen or other open cooking arrangements should be at the extremity of any dead end  remote from the exits.

c.  For a bar or restaurant, the seating or standing accommodation (Table D1) should be planned for a maximum of 30 people per storey. The seating or standing accommodation for the ground storey may be planned for 100 people if it has a final exit independent of the stair.

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