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Neighbours wood pile...

Neil G

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My neighbour is storing about 12 old pallets and lot of other old timber in his garden (he is an amatuer builder). They now piled up against a 2'6" dry stone wall with trellis above which is my boundary between my house and his. The pile is about 3' from the porch for my front door... It is no more than 5' from two rooms up stairs and downstairs. I am very now very worried about the fire risk this poses... It looks like an enormous Guy Fawkes bonfire.
I can ask nicely for him to move things, but as he also building a large timber double garage right up against the same boarder wall and will shortly be subject to a visit from planning enforcement as it is only inches from the boarder and again highly flammable.... with no possibility of maintenance and no way to deal with run off and drainage!

I would ideally like to know where I stand legally in terms of safety.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance!

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