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Storage under stairs


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Combustible storage in escape stairs is to be avoided. Even for accommodation stairs it is best to keep it to the absolute minimum, and limit ignition sources.

If the stairwell is the only area for receiving goods in, then it has to be managed carefully, and firmly!

Storage of sack barrows and other predominantly non-combustible equipment can be tolerated if there is sufficient space to keep it well out of the pedestrian route. 

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On 24/07/2023 at 17:33, AdamR said:

In a commercial premises, can combustible items be stored under fire exit stairs, providing an alternative escape route is available? Or should flammable objects never be stored under escape stairs?



If the stair is a protected route then it should be free from obstruction & clear of combustibles (your fire risk assessment and if the building is modern enough the fire strategy will determine this).

Non combustible items could be tolerated but require careful management and monitoring as when people see some stuff stored there they tend to assume they can add to it and combustibles can start to creep in!


In the old days of the Fire Certificate combustibles in a protected stair would be a breach of the certificate and thus an offence. 

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