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Dorgard use within the NHS


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I was recently listening to a fire risk assessor who's opinion was, that the use of Dorgard devices within an NHS building (used for the rehabilitation of individuals with mental health issues, who sleep in.) is not suitable or allowed. However, looking at HTM 05-02 I cannot see any reference to this? I would appreciate your thoughts, thanks in advance.

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This is probably a dictat from the NHS, I have the same from the DIO.

In some cases, it does make sense.

1.       The door guard must be positioned so that the alarm is loud enough to close the door.

2.       You need a management control to close the doors over night to stop the doors twisting over time.

Also para C6 approved doc B

C6   If a self-closing device would be considered to interfere with the normal approved use of the  building, self-closing fire doors may be held open by one of the following.

a.    A fusible link, but not if the doorset is in an opening provided as a means of escape unless it complies with paragraph C7.

b.    An automatic release mechanism activated by an automatic fire detection and alarm system.

c.    A door closer delay device.


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Hi Andy 

You need to look at Appendix C of HTM 05-02 pg 74 " all doors fitted with automatic door releases should be linked to the fire detection and alarm system " Doorguards for various reasons are not suitable, including that in a mental health environment they are more likely to be ripped off the door and used as a weapon against staff or used for self harming.  

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