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Kiln safety in home business pottery


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Hi All,

A local pottery uses a domestic building to fire the kilns to make pottery.

no one lives in the building ,the kilns are contained in a separate area and has natural venting only.

these are left on at night as the process takes 8-12 hours depending on what’s being produced.

there is a store area upstairs and the owner can be above the area where kilns operate.

there is no fire door separation to upstairs or no linked detection.

The only risk is during the day when the owner can be upstairs whilst kilns are on downstairs and wouldn’t have any early detection of a fire downstairs.

This is a business with 1 person operating in an empty building. All pottery sold online no customers are in the building.

any thoughts on fire safety requirements please? 


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13 hours ago, jessicaajames said:

In my opinion, conducting a fire risk assessment is good idea to do so, even if it is operated by 1 person, there is still a risk of fire to occur. 

So, a preventive approach is to undertake a thorough fire risk assessment

It's not just a good idea but a legal requirement in virtually any premises that is not the interior of a dwelling

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