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Guest Andr801

Good afternoon,

I have a query regarding the BM Trada ARTs.

Can one who is not affiliated with BM Trada refer to the Accepted Repair Techniques/wording within a report/inspection, for example;

If a fire door identified via a BM Trada plug has incorrect gaps, can one make comment stating "Doorset has incorrect gaps due either to installation, or movement of the frame" with the recommended remedial action as "Remediate as per ART 09 - Loosen or remove the fixings, re-pack the frame and re-fix to the surround. Re–seal the void behind the frame with proven proprietary fire stopping material which is suitable..." etc

Where Q-Mark doors are installed, it would make sense to be remediated as such as per the ARTs, by an approved third-party accredited contractor with BM Trada affiliation, and so would be useful for the report to contain said information. Do BM Trada allow independent surveyors without BM Trada affiliation to utilize their wording as such?




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Whether BM TRADA allows surveyors to use their documents is a matter for them, so I would advise you to contact BM TRADA Q mark. 

In terms of a BM TRADA Q mark certificated door requiring remedial works, recommending that a Q mark door maintenance company be contacted to make the repairs is sensible as the Q mark company should be able to complete the works in-scope so that the original certification is retained. 

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I am finding difficulity on thinking why it would be an issue but could you not just note that the gaps aren't sufficient and specify that a repair is carried out by a company with BM TRADA Q-Mark fire door maintenance certification? Presumably the BM Trada certfied company would then know what Accepted Repair Technique to use. The repair proposal would then need to be reviewed/approved by the client?

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