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Who can conduct a fire door inspection


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Hi team, a bit of advice please.

I have a number of fire doors on my site which are all listed on my fire diary. As one of the doors is the front door of a residents premises we have been requested to provide a Fire Door Inspection certificate. Looking at the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 its states that the the inspection can be conducted by a competent person. Having completed by GradIOSH including completion of the NVQ Lv3 Fire Safety I feel this satisfies competent?? Looking at the training objectives of the fire door inspectors course, this is all information I am well versed with, therefore should be able to sign the door off with confidence - my interpretation - but your thoughts?? 

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Guest Fire door inspection

Neil applied the fire door standard assessment

door are all less than a year old and installed on initial construction and signed off by regional fire officer

nothings changed and no adaptions and as such should an comfortable  signing off

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I would ask the requester what type of fire door inspection certificate they require, been well versed is completely different to having passed a course.  The inspection scheme may fail a door because it is not up to the current standard but there might be nothing wrong with the entire installation and over all fire measures throughout the building.  I am sure that doors in Buck house would not pass a full inspection, but would you replace them all?

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