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Hi all, is anyone a member of the FDIS?

I have now completed the FDIS Diploma and FDIS Transition module, however one of the videos explains that it is a requirement of becoming FDIS certified is to enter all fire door inspection reports on to their system within 5 days of inspection, and also to use their inspection app, is this correct or did I misunderstand?

I am asking as many of our clients require us to sign Non-disclosure agreements prior to any inspections and obviously this creats a problem.

We have tried to contact the FDIS by phone and email for about 2 weeks now, but it seems unless it's about a payment they are simply not interested, will not return calls even after messages left on their answer machine.


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FDIS does not claim to be a "third party accredited scheme".  In my experience, as a member of a UKAS accredited third party certification scheme, it is not usual practice for the scheme to "review the reports in order to verify your results".  However, it is worthwhile that Prometheus makes contact with FDIS in relation to the question about sharing the inspection data as I am sure they can help.

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On 26/09/2022 at 13:08, Neil ashdown said:

Try social media. FDIS are pretty active there and may respond sooner, I am sure they can help you.

Don't have any social media accounts and never will, and why would a company be active on social media but not answer the phone or return calls, something's not right there.

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