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Can I introduce a lock to this internal door on a primary/secondary escape route?


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I'm wondering if it would be safe to introduce a lock to an internal door which would serve as one route of exit in an emergency? Locking this door would essentially turn the space (currently being used as an office) into a dead end, in doing so the only way of exiting the room (& building) in an emergency would be out of the door you came in, turning right, and then going through a laundry room to a set of final exit doors.

The lock would would be operated from the other side of the care office, so those in the room in question wouldn't be able to open the door at all.

I think the door being used as it currently is as the route of escape provides the shortest distance escape route, but the alternative route (through the laundry) would be within 18m distance. If the door was locked the alternative exit aside from going through the laundry would be over 18m, would this be acceptable? 





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Without a physical inspection it is difficult to be categoric, it would depend on the size of the office and would one exit door would be acceptable. Is locking the door absolutely necessary and are the alternative routes acceptable. I is very difficult to give an acceptable response.

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It sounds like you would be creating an inner room situation - the access room should not be an area of high risk (& enforcement officers have in the past treated laundry rooms as such), your travel distances are excessive and you would need one of the below solutions to protect the inner room, so it's not looking advisable


Inner Room solutions.jpg

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