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Yet another intumescent seal thread

Guest Liam R

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Guest Liam R

Hi there,

Very sorry if this has been covered before, couldn't find anything in the search.

Could anyone give a definite answer on an issue I'm currently facing please?

My wife and I have recently moved into a new build, 4 bedroom, 3 storey home. We had a 'professional snagging company' in to survey the house given the shoddy workmanship on our last new home. In this report they picked up that the intumescent seals were missing from all required door frames and reported that it must be recitifed ASAP. We have FD30 doors and hinges fitted throughout the house but after speaking to the manufacturer of the doors (Jeld-Wen) they advised me that the doors are only rated to FD30 if they are fitted with strips and fire hinges. I asked about FD20 and they said it doesn't exist anymore and should all be at FD30 as common practice in 2022.

The builders have been around to inspect and said that it's fine and that's how it should be and that they are not willing to put them in.

So I'd just like to know if there should be intumescent strips fitted into the frames? I've been into a few of our neighbours homes (other 3 storey houses) and they all have the seals fitted, but ours doesn't. I've looked at the building regulations document B for Fire Safety but can't make sense of if they need to be fitted on 3 storey homes. Not sure why everyone else has them but ours doesn't? ?


Hopefully someone can give guidance!

Many thanks in advance, 


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unless they have intumescent strips fitted they are  not Fire doors.

If they sold you the house symtating having firedoors then they need to put them in.

You have checked frame and door?

Hinges will be marked up with CE marking 

and any latches too. it will have something like CE 1121 EN12209 

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It was once considered acceptable to meet the FD20 requirement by installing an FD30 door blank & frame but omitting the intumescent and some doors used to be dual certified for this (FD30 with seals/FD20 without).

The builders probably think this is still the case, but is no longer permitted, see these links for starters:



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