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Repairing holes in fire doors

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I have been given advice by many people regarding repairing full depth penetration holes in fire doors and every answer is different, can we clear this up please?

so my question is what is the maximum size hole you can repair in a door before a replacement is advised and how should the repair be performed, 

many thanks

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There is no straight answer!  As far as I know fire doors with plugged holes have not been subject to a fire resistance test but there are some issues to consider:

1) If you plug a hole in a certificated fire door the certification for the door will be void because such work is outside the scope of the certification.

2) If you plug a hole in a fire door you should do so in the knowledge that the work you do must not adversely affect the fire performance of the door.

3) Some fire doors are made from timber so if one has a hole in it and you need to plug it, timber is a good material to use.

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