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  1. Hi all, Thanks for all the advice given in here, so helpful I was looking at some doors with twin fin intumescent strips fitted to the frame, but when the strips were fitted they have joined two pieces together as it looks like they did not buy the correct lenghts for the frame, i was under the the impression that they need to be fitted in one continuous lenght unless passing ironmongery, due to smoke leakage. should these be replaced with one continous strip from top to bottom? once again thanks Mr B
  2. Hi Tom, No, there is no fire seperation between floors, walls surrounding the mechanical risers are blockwork and the doors are 44mm Thanks again for your help Mr B
  3. Hi Tom, Thanks very much for your reply, yes the toilet doors are in a corridor/ enclosed lobby area oppisite a stairwell door used for a fire escape, so in this case the WCs need to be a fire door I presume? Thanks Mr B
  4. Hi all, I was looking at a number of fire doors in a builing that was built in the 80s and have origional doors, the riser doos have 4no rim budget locks openable by a square key one in each corner, no hinges or handles are fitted so the door will just fall open when rim locks ae unlocked, no intumescet strips or smoke seals are fitted to door or fame either, am I right t advise these doors are replaced? my thoughts were that the means of escape would be compromised by smoke escaping the holes in the door from the rim locks even if smoke seals are fitted. any advice welcome thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a couple of question regarding fire doors in fire walls in comercial buildings. 1) I was supplied a compartmentation strategy floor plan for a fire door audit and was told that it is ok to put a FD30 in a 60 min fire wall? is this correct? 2) does every door in a fire wall need to be a fire door? i.e toilet doors and office doors? as well as high risk rooms/areas? many thanks
  6. Hi all, I need some help please, can a fire door have a lip cut at the top of the door for the instalation of a concealed door closer so as the arm does not bind on the door?The closer part is fitted to the underside of the door frame and arm is fixed to the top of the door, i hope this makes sence Thanks
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