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Electrical Extension Cables for Permanent Useage

Guest Andy

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I recently had a fire risk assessment for an HMO property, the risk assessor (a former fire officer) told me that if extension cables are used they should be of a commercial grade which are designed for permanent use. Anything else will invalidate insurance.

Does anyone know where extension cables designed for permanent use can be purchased?


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Does this risk assessor  provide your insurance? No? Check with your insurance company what is and is not permitted.

I can tell you there is no such thing as a commercial grade extension lead for permanent use. Extension leads are designed for temporary use.

There are a few guidelines when it comes to using extension leads. The cable should be suitably sized for the current it is to carry. (In other words, not too thin) If it is reel mounted it should be fully unwound when using a high load (Anything with  a heating element, kettle, hairdryer, electric heater) if you don't the cable will overheat and cause a fire. (It's a very common problem with extension leads) Never plug an extension lead into another extension lead. Never run an extension lead under a carpet (It will wear out, short circuit and cause a fire) Never use an extension lead near water, and don't leave one outside.

Ideally you should move what ever you have plugged in closer to the socket (So no extension lead required) or have extra sockets installed by an electrician.

Extension leads make excellent trip hazards too.


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