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Refuse storage arrangement's 1990


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Hi, could anyone tell me when the Building Regulation's first made the following a requirement in a sheltered housing scheme / purpose built block of flats please.

"Rooms containing refuse chutes, or provided for the storage of refuse, should be approached either directly from the open air or by way of a protected lobby
provided with not less than 0.2 m2 of permanent ventilation."

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Guest Charley1
On 10/02/2022 at 18:53, AnthonyB said:

1991 with the first Approved Document B - I'd have to dig out the older rules to check those but I doubt in was in those.

Thanks for replying, that's helpful, so ADB 1991 stipulated this as a requirement?

Would you possibly be happy to dig the older regs out please, it would be massively appreciated?

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Before 1991 CP3 Chapter IV Part 1 applied - all it says for chutes is:

Refuse chutes should conform to CP 306. The enclosing structure should be of non-combustible materials and should have a fire resistance of not less than one hour or that period required by the Building Regulations for the elements of structure of the building, whichever is the greater. Refuse chute access hoppers should not be in any stairway enclosure or corridor, nor in a stairway protection lobby. Refuse chute enclosures should be ventilated to the open air.

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