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Victorian house, converted into flats in 1980s

Ian W

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Thanks in advance for any advice ?

I am selling my Victorian flat, which is one of 4 in a Victorian townhouse. The conversion was done in the 1980s.

As far as any of my fellow freeholders know, there has never been a fire risk assessment done. I only learned about the concept during the final query stage of the property sale. 

I guess my questions are:

1) Is it true that I don't need to record the assessment, since we don't employ anyone? If so, then how can solicitors for the buyer expect to see it?

2) Would it be enough to do the assessment so the record exists, or would I have to carry out all the recommendations for my sale to happen? I realise this a bit of a question beyond fire safety, but hopefully someone has some experience. 

3) Would there be any allowance for the time that the conversion was done? For example there are quite heavy doors, but I don't know for sure that they are acceptable now.

I'm happy have an assessment done, but I'm not confident that the work done in the 1980s would necessarily come up to modern standards.

Sad to find out about this at the final stage of my house sale, but hoping I can avoid the whole chain collapsing. 

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1. Yes and you need to speak to the solicitors why.

2. The necessary thing is to complete a FRA and complete any significant findings as soon as possible. The second part of the question would you buy a property if it has problems regarding fire safety?

3. This would be be up to the Responsible Person (freeholders) and the enforcing authority.

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Guest Chris A

I am in a similar position to the previous writer (Ian W). I am in a victorian house of 3 one bedroom flats on 3 floors . I am in the self-contained basement so does the FRA still apply to me ?

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