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  1. Have you not been in touch with Phoenix? (Click here) I am guessing they will want proof of purchase, failing that I would suggest you call a locksmith.
  2. The dorgard by its design is a standalone unit, so even if you wanted to you can not connect it to anything else.
  3. The fire labels have to be "part of the fabric" (sewn in when the item was made) Other wise anyone could add a "fire label" to anything. I would suggest you advertise it privately as "sold as seen" and mention it has no fire labels.
  4. Using a plug to connect to a smoke detector is not only easier than terminals, it is safer and ensures that the detector is connected correctly when reconnected / replaced. I don't find removing a plug "complicated"
  5. I agree with Harry. I can count on two hands the number of times I have had to investigate beeping from "smoke alarms with no battery" only to find that yes it is NOT the device in question, but another one nearby. The most often one I have had is a "spare" smoke alarm sitting on top of a cupboard in the same room as the suspect detector. Once there was another one in the loft ABOVE the offending one.
  6. The glass on the left has ABC powder, and the one on the right is BC powder, you can see that the ABC is slightly yellow
  7. Not seen one, but why would you want one without? By way of the LED flashing indicates the device is powered, and so should work.
  8. Whilst I agree with Tom that prevention is the best option, human error still occurs, as well as smoke detectors, I suggest a Water mist extinguisher for the kitchen area as this will cover almost anything and a Foam extinguisher for the remainder of the house. (Not to be used on LIVE electrical equipment) I am assuming it is a house? if it isn't, you may require a "non D.I.Y." fire alarm with fire panel I always look at it that its best to have one and never use it, than to need one and you haven't go one.
  9. How long do they last if you turn the mains off?
  10. Sorry, but what exactly is your question?
  11. Assuming its a house (Interlinked smoke alarms are not suitable for commercial premisses) Then flex should not be used as it is not meant for fixed wiring. Also you may end up with more problems than you solve. It would be better to re-wire the whole thing in the correct cable.
  12. To add to what Tom has said, an intruder alarm is just that, its an intruder alarm. Add what you like to it, it is NOT a life safety system, and as such it should never be relied upon to be a life safety system. Or to put it another way, a fire alarm has to have sound levels that are above the ambient background noise in all areas, the cable (particularly for the sounders) has to be able to with stand a fire for around 30 minutes. An intruder alarm has an external sounder and an internal speaker / sounder (if you are lucky) that is loud when the building is empty but often can be "drowned out" by other noises, and a standard alarm cable will last all of 30 seconds in a fire. Also most intruder alarms when they indicate fire, people often assume its the intruder alarm simply because its the same device making a noise, fire sounders are usually bright red to help identify its to indicate fire.
  13. Tom will no doubt give the definitive answer but I would suggest that if you have any plants they will need "looking after" and that means a watering can left on the stairs / landing (Its human nature) this will be followed by other "bits and pieces" because the watering can is there, so is the trowel and the bucket etc, if the stairs are kept clear at all times there is no reason for anything else to be there.