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  1. Hearing impaired member of staff

    Have you considered flashing beacons on the fire sounders? These can often be retro fitted and are relatively inexpensive.
  2. Smoke Detector emits light without power supply.

    Smoke detectors in general should be replaced every 10 years, If this detector is as old as you say, then it should be replaced, thereby removing the concern for a green light. As an aside LED's do not act as capacitors, even if they did, they would (in theory) emit the colour of light they are supposed to. Are you sure the material of the detector is not Luminous?
  3. Can we leave fire exit door open?

    Following on from what Tom said, you may have overlooked the obvious, some one saw you.
  4. cushion inserts

    That would be up to the manufacturer how they make their products "fire safe" To find the definitive answer it would be best to ask them, any thing else is only a guess. Regarding washing them, again it depends on what the manufacturer used, you may find the following article of use CLICK HERE
  5. If it was 4 beeps in succession it may be that you have a "fire angel" CO alarm and that it did detect CO But if there is lots of CO then the detector would NOT stop beeping. Why don't you press the test button on the CO alarm to find out what it sounds like.
  6. Take it down the tip.
  7. BBQ next to house

    What do the BBQ manufacturers instructions say ?
  8. You would have to try one yourself to see if it the brand of adhesive you choose is suitable. The adhesive should be spread all over (Like you would butter bread) the reason is so you do not trap air above the tile, as you would if you followed the old "4 corner and one middle" dobs method.
  9. Best ask your insurance company, as it is they who write your "rules"
  10. That's what I thought. I also think that unless there is a lot of extinguishers to be serviced, the cost of your own insurance will be more than your friends will pay to have theirs serviced. Sometimes in life you have to walk away from a job, I think this is one of those times.
  11. Just wondering. If your insurance etc is paid for by the MOD, will it be no longer valid if you are "working for some one who is NOT the MOD"
  12. Ei144 wont stop beeping!

    Bases only have connections and wires, they do not have any sounder at all, so it can not be the base in question. Have you looked on top of any cupboards nearby or any drawers / boxes nearby? I have heard of old devices still un opened in their packets found and the battery runs low after years. Also there may be one in the loft, be it one that is supposed to be there, or one that got put in a box for later......
  13. Electronic lock

    If they are "mag locks" similar to the picture, then these are what is known as fail safe devices. So if there is a power failure they "fail safe" (not fail secure) and can not hold the door locked in the event of a power failure.
  14. NU-SWIFT E 4000

    Is it one of these?
  15. Smart Lock

    Why can those downstairs not go out through the front door? All doors leading off the communal area should be fire rated, so if the worst should happen they can stay put until the fire brigade arrive. I wouldn't want to go up to a flat roof if there was a fire. As an aside, how would anyone know what to do? you would have to have signs (of the right size installed) outside your flat as well as signs INSIDE your flat indicating which way to go, and as it would be a fire exit you would have to keep it clear all the time. Also anyone above the ground floor may wish to consider a portable fire escape ladder, safelincs supply a variety of them, Click here