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MCP in block of flats


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Small block of flats - 3 storeys. Ground floor is retail unit. Flats have separate entrance than the retail unit, with 2 flats on the first floor and 1 on the second floor.  The front entrance of the block opens into a small courtyard, where there are several other flats (with private entrances). Exit to the street from all the flats (including the communal block) is through a communal enclosed pathway leading to the street. There is 1 MCP in the pathway, near to entrance to the communal block.

My question is, do further MCPs need to be installed within the communal block (none there at the moment)? The travel distance from the top floor flat to the existing MCP is approx 15m.



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There are a lot of factors (including why is the alarm there in the first place). If the system is installed under Part 1 of BS5839 for simultaneous evacuation then the expectation would be for call points to each floor (Part 6 has more leeway) however there may have been an agreed variation in the design accepting the one MCP

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Thanks Anthony.

If the flats are fully compartmentalised from the retail unit, then I assume the system would be installed under BS 5839:6. Would this mean that it is likely to be acceptable to not have MCPs on every floor of a small block, but just one near the exit?

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If the flats are separated from the retail then I would be looking to see if the system was needed at all. Purpose built flats only normally need communal detection to operate smoke control measures and need no sounders or call points. If there is a defect that cannot be realistically be remedied that requires a full evacuation policy is required you would also need a Part 1 system but with the required extra detection coverage in flat hallways, common area call points and sounders to flat hallways and common parts.

If it was a flat conversion not compliant to Building Regs (often pre 1991 and a s257 HMO) then you would have a Grade A system to the common parts which also should have call points to each landing, but some licensing councils accept a single one at the exit in smaller blocks.

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