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Canopy suppression


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A new ventilation canopy in a relatively small but busy restaurant covers some brand new equipment with little or no grease laden fumes other than two small 10 litre deep fat fryers. The canopy duct work is approximately 4m long and remains in the same compartment without passing through fire resisting elements. BC has insisted on a suppression system although the FRA indicates that whilst it certainly has merits but isn’t warranted given the appliances currently in use below the canopy. A caveat on the FRA is that wet chemical extinguishers are provided and appropriate staff training provided. 
I can’t find anything in the building regulations that would definitely require suppression. Would appreciate comment.


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Anthony, it is a substantially enclosed kitchen with serving hatch to the front which in no way would compromise escape. To some extent I would be delighted if Building Regulations mandated suppression below all commercial-type kitchen canopies as it would take away the ambiguity. 
I am just starting some research now into the guidance supporting the Building Regulations in relation to fire and ventilation. Thank you as always for your helpful contributions to my posts, it is much appreciated.

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