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Detection for 3 storey flat conversion


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I have a block of flats that has three converted flats over three floors and another flat with an independent entrance to the side.

I have recommended as per LACORS Grade A of LD2 coverage, should the flat with the independent entrance also be linked as the compartmentation cannot be assured?

Also on a separate note, commercial = part 1, residential Grade A, what are the differences s i cant see for looking?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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The equipment is the same for a Part 1 commercial and Part 6 Grade A residential system, but the installation standards do vary depending if it's commercial or residential as they are covered by separate British Standards.

If the mixed system is being installed as per LACORS on the basis of a non Building Regulations compliant conversion (inadequate compartmentation & smoke control facilities) then usually the whole building requires cover, even the independent one.

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