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  1. Thanks Mike / Tom, much appreciated......sometimes you do question yourself!
  2. Help as for the love of looking i cant find and answer to this?! A pub has a LG bar area with 5 exits, three are close to one another and have to be discounted, the remaining two lead to a single protected stairwell, each door has the capacity for 100 as opens outwards and are 800mm each. The shared escape stairwell is 830mm and am concious of bottlenecking as in theory the doors combined allow a total of 200 people, do i use the calculation of just 100 people on the same grounds as a door width capacity or is there an alternative calculation? Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. I recently visited a purpose built block of flats over 6 storeys which was built c1970. There is a single protected stairwell with 3 flats on each floor, each with a communal lobby of less than 4.5m accessed by two single fire doors. There are manual openable windows on the protected stairwells. Due to the age of the building and compartmentation levels being acceptable, would this also bee deemed acceptable due to the age and size of the building? Any help as always greatly received.
  4. I have been to a purpose built block of flats which is 6 storeys high, each floor has 3 flats which has a communal lobby of less than 4m, the lobby is entered via a protected staircase through two sets of single fire doors. The staircase does not have smoke vents however does have windows which can be manually opened, would this be deemed acceptable for an older purpose built block? Many thanks in advance!
  5. I came across Grade D detection in the communal areas of a purpose built block of flats, it was not interlinked to the flats, would this be described as a part 1 or a part 6 system as it was communal areas?
  6. Can anyone tell me if there is any specialised guidance for carrying out an assessment in a large Grade 1 Listed Building that is open to the public...I have GN80 and also large places of assembly for reference at the moment?
  7. Thanks Anthony, I just sent you an email 👍
  8. Evening all, i have been asked to carry out fire drills at a number of premises which is a new avenue for me. Is there a guide anywhere someone can point me in the direction of that outlines the process from cradle to grave....i.e Meet at 10am with Fire Wardens to discuss the evacuation plan, 10.30am Run Drill, 10.45 debrief with Wardens / RP?...................and an appropriate report that I can complete afterwards for the client for feedback?
  9. Thankyou AnthonyB, I was leaning toward specialised housing, so will go with this, thankyou for your advice it appreciated.
  10. Can anyone tell me the correct guidance to be used for carrying out a fire risk assessment in a childrens home; its in a converted house of 3 floors housing 4 children; im unsure weather to use specialized housing, residential homes, maybe HTM88 or something else....any advice will be greatly recieved?!
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