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Flat front door needs replacing

Guest Christine

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Guest Christine

Hi, I own a flat and was told by a Fire Safety Inspecting Officer that I need to replace the front door of my flat, which opens onto a communal corridor, with a FD30s door. I have two issues which I could do with some advice please. 

1) I have been quoted £1900 for this, which I cannot afford. Are there any schemes available to help home owners with the costs? I want to comply, and I understand the reasons for fire safety etc. I simply don’t have the money.

2) I have been on the bwf  website, as I would rather use an approved supplier/installer, (assuming I can somehow find the funds) but any searches only come up with members nowhere near me, despite being near a big city. Surely using a national company will make this even more expensive? 

Thanks in advance for any advice, I’m really struggling with this. 

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