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How can I ensure tenant tests smoke alarms?

Guest hasfrood

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I am afraid with a single family occupation it is very difficult monitoring such a situation other than education. When ever you become aware of fires especially where the the fire alarm failed to operate and lives were lost let him know or check out http://www.direct.go...afety/index.htm for some more ideas.

Harry's smoke alarm test reminder is an excellent idea.

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Guest HappyLad

Other than putting it in the lease contract that testing the alarms are the tennants responsibility and that you check them at least yearly if not every six months I would not have thought there is much more you can do. There is obviously one issue with regards insurance. If the alarms have not been tested weekly and there is a fire will your insurance company pay out? It is unlikely that the tennant would be able to sue as you have installed the alarms and they have not tested them but a fire can cause great damage to a property. Something worth bearing in mind.

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