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Is it a fire door?

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I’m carrying out an inspection on a fire door, the previous report states it’s not a fire door but I think it is and looking for guidance....

This is a door to an electrical intake room, it has a fire door keep shut sign (should be keep locked)

its 45mm thick (fd30?) and the door stop is 45mm wide.

there is a intumescent strip 10mm x 4mm on the hinge side, top and opening side

Now there are 2 hinges, neither are marked so I would assume non fire rated and someone has fitted (poorly) a Yale lock on the door, the door hasn’t changed since the last report and I can’t work out why they said it’s not a FD30?







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Just a thought, when inspecting I couldnt see a certificate number or plug to identify the fire door, so is it assumption that although there is a intumescent strip and the door is 45mm but without confirmation from either a plug or certificate number then its reported as its not a fire door?



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Does the door have attributes that are present on a fire resisting doors?   Eg: Is it solid core, are there any markings on the top edge of the door that indicate the door is fire resisting?  Are you able to satisfy yourself that the door is fire resisting?

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When the inspection was done in 2020 it had no evidence it was a fire door, someone had now fitted intumescent strips.

The door feels solid but there are no markings indicating it’s a fire door other than the intumescent strip.

i guess the answer is that if in doubt report it as not a fire door and let customer prove otherwise?

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