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Replacement of Fire Doors

Guest Fiona

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Guest Fiona

Hi, I am looking for some advice please.

I have a contractor who will be replacing 10 Fire Doors in a school. 

The question I have, the contractor wants to remove all 10 doors at the one time, which there will be no fire doors in that area over night time, which is a concern.

I did bring it up, remove one fire door and replace a fire door and so on.

They are adamant they have not got the staff and time to do it one off, one on. 

Does anyone have any other recommendations, and what needs to be in place? 

Thank you




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It shouldn't be a legal compliance/life safety issue however you may consider it a property protection/business continuity issue.

If they are not doing hot works then the risk should be the same as any night, just ensure you have a more rigorous application of an evening shut down regime so that all heat sources are checked and isolated, equipment switched off and unplugged, etc - all the usual risk reduction measures . As some schools are at risk of arson out of hours ensure security is tight.

If you are really concerned you could have a fire watch over night so a fire can be identified and tackled early.

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