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Smoke seals on care home bedroom doors


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Afternoon to you

I visited a home yesterday who are having an issue with doors fully closing after being fitted with smoke seals in the door rebates.

I was wondering the rational of fitting them on the bedroom doors when the strategy is not a stay put policy but immediate evacuation via progressive horizontal evacuation. The compartment doors (I would think would be priority for smoke protection) only have intumescent strips applied.

Is this normal for residential care home bedroom doors? I understand for individual flats would be different?


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You don't understand PHE, the intent is not to immediately evacuate the premises at all, just the compartment of origin, the aim being to avoid needing to externally evacuate the premises due to the vulnerabilities of the residents and the resources required to do this.

PHE aims in having a minimum of 60 minutes seperation between the occupiers and the fire - the 30 minutes construction & door of the room and the 30 minutes construction & doors of the sub compartment. 

Smoke is the biggest killer (as shown by the 14 dead in the Rosepark Care Home fire) and so all fire doors should be of the 's' designation with cold smoke brushes/fins in addition to intumescent seals.

I'd question the FRA and the people who retrofitted the seals as the FRA should have identified the need for compartment and sub compartment doors to have smoke seals as well as the bedrooms and the smoke seals should have been fitted correctly so the doors don't snag.

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