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  1. I have recently had some FRA's undertaken in Care Homes. The assessor has put down that lux level testing must be carried out at night in the event of a power failure. If the lighting is to BS:5266 2016, then would this suffice or are we required to carry out lux readings and how often? Thanks
  2. Afternoon to you I visited a home yesterday who are having an issue with doors fully closing after being fitted with smoke seals in the door rebates. I was wondering the rational of fitting them on the bedroom doors when the strategy is not a stay put policy but immediate evacuation via progressive horizontal evacuation. The compartment doors (I would think would be priority for smoke protection) only have intumescent strips applied. Is this normal for residential care home bedroom doors? I understand for individual flats would be different? Thanks
  3. We have a managed system where the person in charge must determine/confirm a fire or not within 90 seconds of the alarm or to automatically call the emergency services. Night shift to call on alarm activation automatically.. without delay.
  4. I have just read a FRA conducted at our care home. It says that BS 5831-1 recommends that the fire alarm is linked to an alarm monitoring station for the earliest summoning of the fire brigade. Being that the home is manned 24/7 is this now a requirement as I thought this was for monitoring unoccupied property mainly? Would a alarm monitoring station automatically contact the emergency services upon activation... if so would this in reality just be similar to a member of staff informing them that we have a fire alarm activation & are investigating the cause? Thanks in advance Tony
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