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FD Gap Measure Points

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Hi All

At what point should the gap between door and frame be taken from? 

We have doors with square edge frames and square edge doors that meet fine.

But then we have Doors (nominal) with a slight round (arris) meeting the frame with a 3mm chamfer on making the gap 6-8mm with the wedge type gauge thingy. one of the carpenters that viewed the job used packers and between the seal and door was 3-5mm gaps.

The inspection company have used the wedge method and come to the conclusion the the sizes to the arris and chamfer are the gap sizes but the carpenter has said that if he was to add a lipping on to meet the inspectors dims the doors will bind of foul on the smoke seals

Please can you point me in the right direction of documentation to enable me to instruct accordingly with the corrent methods

thank you in advance 

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