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Guest Paula

My social housing landlord have recently installed fire doors. There are 6 flats in a Victorian house conversion.

I have been expressing my concerns and getting nowhere. Firstly the original doors were timber ( not sure if they were fire doors as they were at least 21 years old) within a timber frame, closed on it own etc. The new ones are wood with a wooden frame but the frames  have been screwed in with large screws with all the screws exposed. I have never seen door Installed this way. When I asked the fitters why there were  screws and why they were exposed they said that’s how doors are now and they would get plastic caps to cover them. 

I also noticed that they used upvc trims around the tops and sides which I assume is to cover any gaps?? We never had upvc trims around the door before and compared to my neighbor with the same landlord but different contractors fitted  her new fire door hers looks like it did before, a regular door with timber etc, no exposed screws or upvc. 

I also tried to explain that the closer doesn’t appear to be fit for purpose OR the contractor has installed the doors poorly as the doors now have to be violently pulled in to the point the other flats shake, and rather than it naturally close and meet the latch like the old doors or our main communal door. 

The Landlords are refusing to acknowledge my concerns and said I have to sort it out with the contractors?!?! And the fire brigade in my area aren’t responding.

Any ideas on what to do or legislation I can point the landlord to to make them      at a minimum rectify the closer issue.


many thanks 

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