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Double action hinges

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Hi all,    
I’ll give you a brief background info on me.   Carpenter for over 20 years and locksmith for 12 years.  
Past 2 years I’ve started advertising in fitting fire doors as there didn’t seem to be anyone advertising such a service local to me. 

I’ve now been asked the following...

“We need a single swing-both-ways fire door with a glass panel for a new opening from the commercial kitchen to the bar area and ideally the door frame too. The opening is currently 900 x 1900 mm “


I seem to remember a building inspector years ago saying these hinges are no longer with in regs due to the gaps and or leading edges leave the door exposed / venerable.  

Could someone confirm if these hinges are allowed.      I have seen two separate doors for a commercial kitchen. One to Push to enter kitchen and one to Push to leave kitchen. 


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For a double-swing-action timber-based fire door it will be necessary to use pivots instead of hinges.  It will likely be necessary to use a floor=spring instead of an overhead self-closing device.

Not all timber-based fire doors will be suitable for this application, so consult a specialist fire door supplier/manufacturer. And follow the installation instructions for that particular door leaf.


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If the doors are fire resisting doors, then in order to be compliant to the Standard the minimum and maximum gaps will need to be achieved.  BS 8214: 2016 guidance states  2mm to 4mm at the top edges & vertical edges and the threshold gap should be to the door manufacturers installation instructions (usually 6mm to 10mm). This can be difficult to achieve for double-action doors.

If the doors are required to provide 'restricted smoke spread' then the smoke seals should seal the operating gaps, including at the threshold.

BS 8214 https://shop.bsigroup.com/products/timber-based-fire-door-assemblies-code-of-practice/standard


Clearly, intumescent edge seals and most likely smoke seals will be required.

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