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Guest Zoe Bytheway

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Guest Zoe Bytheway

Wondering if any of the experts on this forum can help with a question linked to the specification/design of a new mechanism.

I'm unsure if the requirements for a successful fire test of a door handle/latch mechanism require that the mechanism still works at the end? By that i appreciate the latch must keep the door closed but should it be possible to still open the latch from tested side - I assume perhaps not but wasn't 100% hence the question.

Tied into this query is material choice, does the door handle/mechanism on the test side have to be non-combustible? Or is ok to melt as long as the door remains closed (Actual latch material doesn't melt, continues to function) and the melting doesn't compromise the door - Specifically thinking of Smart locks with plastic/electronic parts paired with a standard fire approved deadlatch. I haven't found much on fire rated smart locks 

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Fire resisting doors are tested to either BS476 part 22 or BSEN 1634-1.  One side of the door is subject to fire and the criteria for a successful test is that the door does not allow fire to spread to the non-fire side.

In the test door hardware such as handles and locks are fitted to the door so that it can be demonstrated that the hardware does not cause the door to fail. That does not mean that the handle/lock should be operational at the end of the test, only that fitting of the handle/lock must not cause the door to fail the fire performance test.  

Code locks and smart locks must be proven to not cause the fire door to fail to meet the requirements of the fire performance test.

You may find this useful image.png.4ee516905b240c81cff5a77d5cd76753.png

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