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Fire Doors within Flats (not Flat Entrance)

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See https://www.gov.scot/publications/building-standards-technical-handbook-2019-domestic/2-fire/2-0-introduction/

Standards change over time - depending on the age of the flat a different specification would apply and be acceptable as building standards aren't retrospective if not carrying out work that comes under them.

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Thanks for the reply Anthony.

Flat was built in 2006 - does that make a difference?

I find in some areas Scottish Technical Handbooks are vaque.

My existing doors have intumescent seals; however, jamb mounted closers, hinges and latches/locks don't bare BS 1154, BS 1935 and BS 12206 stamps.

The installation is also poor as doors do not maintain 3mm gaps and there are no labels present; therefore, my conclusion is that they are not fire doors, but the inclusion of 10x4 intumescent smoke seals through a spanner in the works.

Any further information would be very helpful - cheers! 

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In England/Wales you would be expected to see FD20 doors internally other than the bathroom, with no self closers. As FD20 doors aren't made sometimes an FD30 door will be fitted without the intumescent seal - other times they just put in a standard FD30 with intumescent seals.

I would expect similar in Scotland

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