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Fire extinguisher queries


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Good morning,

A couple of questions regarding fire extinguishers, if I may?

*  if a foam extinguisher is already in place, with a (non photoluminescent) foam extinguisher sign - why would it need to be replaced?  The service is in date, it is mounted onto a wall and the signage is already there?  

*  do fire extinguishers that cannot be mounted on to a wall have to be on a fire extinguisher stand?

 many thanks


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- No reason unless it's damaged (internally or externally)  or due it's 5 year extended service but of an obsolete make with no parts available. At 5 years the extinguisher should be discharge tested, internally examined and refilled. Many companies servicing extinguishers these days don't have the training or equipment to refill so just replace stuff I was at a site where one year old extinguisher was replaced with a new one by the servicing company just because it had been used and needed refilling. As they hadn't even bothered to take the used one away I did and then refilled it at my workshop for a fraction of the new price.
- Best practice is to mount an extinguisher on a wall bracket, shelf, stand, etc but it is not a legal requirement or enforceable: just look in any branch of M&S

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