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  1. Ohhh wow, thank you so much. We are in the West Midlands and I really do think we need to find a new Company to help us as I'm not sure, but feel that we are being taken 'for a ride' and right now, we just don't need that.
  2. Thank you very much for your help, it is really appreciated.
  3. Good morning, A couple of questions regarding fire extinguishers, if I may? * if a foam extinguisher is already in place, with a (non photoluminescent) foam extinguisher sign - why would it need to be replaced? The service is in date, it is mounted onto a wall and the signage is already there? * do fire extinguishers that cannot be mounted on to a wall have to be on a fire extinguisher stand? many thanks JoH
  4. Good morning, I hope you are safe and well. Our Fire maintenance company has been 'taken over' by another company and they have been out to our premises to undertake the fire maintenance/services. However, the list they have given us to replace items or to buy new things is huge... which is why I'm asking for help. I have tried to investigate and understand that we may be 'missing' some signs (unsure why our last fire maintenance company didnt point this out to us)... but the prices the new company have quoted as are so high!? eg, £19.95 for 1 sign - that I can find on a site for £10.90. anyway... please can anyone help with the below queries? Fire blanket sign - do they have to be rigid plastic or are vinyl stickers needed? fire blankets - is there a particular standard as to how they should be attached to the wall? Fire point sign - rigid plastic or vinyl stickers? Fire alarm call point sign - rigid plastic or vinyl stickers needed? 'running man' sign - we have been told that they now have to be directional as in south east/south west/north east and so on replace 2 powder fire extinguishers with Co2 - our old company only changed these to powder last year? (in a warehouse area) Does the signage have to be photoluminescent? Many thanks for your help, its really appreciated. Kind regards JoH
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