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Fire Alarm - flats above commercial unit


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Hi, we have a block of flats which sit above a low risk commercial unit.  Flats have own independent entry/exit doorway and there is suitable separation between commercial and residential parts.

The flats (7 in total) sit on 3 floor levels above ground, so 4 floor in total.  Each flat is privately owned and entrances are provided with lobby approach (2 x FD30s) at each floor level.

We have been using LACORS for guidance on fire alarm systems; the building is pre-1991 and converted self-contained flats.

Are we correct in thinking that the building should have a mixed system of Grade A (LD2) in communal parts with heat detector inside doorway of each flat; and a Grade D (LD3) non-interlinked detection inside each flat??

If this is correct, what are peoples thoughts on Manual Call Points??  The building is higher end of market.  Occupants are all professional and there is little concern of there being mis-use of MCP's.

Any thoughts / guidance much appreciated.

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If the conversion is to a standard that would have met Building Regulations then just because it's pre-1991 doesn't mean it needs full alarms and evac policy. However it's more likely it doesn't (e.g. no smoke control even if structure is good) and so the LACORS recommendations would remain approopriate.

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