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Fire Door Self-Closers - Angle of Release

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BS 1154 states that a self-closing device "shall be capable of closing the test door from any angle to which it may be opened".  Does this literally mean the door should self-close when released with the leaf resting on the latch or is there an assumption that in practice, doors are more typically released from a wider angle  i.e. after someone or something has passed through them?  This obviously makes a difference given the momentum of the door leaf is an important factor during the closing cycle.

Particularly interested to hear a fire door inspector's view on this.

Thanks to all responders in advance.

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Yes!  When inspecting the self-closing function of a fire door, the inspector should check that the door self-closes from any opening angle.......fully-open to only-just-open.  Suitable self-closing devices will have adjustment for latching action as well as closing speed.  Any binding of the door on the floor covering, door frame, seals or latch strike plate etc. should be resolved before adjusting the controls of the self-closing device.

For the self-closing device to function correctly it is necessary to install the closer-body at the correct position in relation to the door leaf for the required power-size (minimum size 3 for a fire resisting door) and install the closing-arm assembly in the correct location and arm configuration.

This might be useful from 'Code of Pactice: Hardware for Fire & escape Doors' at http://www.firecode.org.uk/Code_of_Practice_hardware_for_fire_and_escape_doors.pdf


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