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Help with filling in fire risk assessment form

Guest KenRlp

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Guest KenRlp


I have downloaded a fire risk assessment form and I am struggling with a few points. Our community hall has a large downstairs room as well as a kitchen and stairs leading upstairs to two meeting rooms. Our meeting room has wall hangings and wall carpets

1) In the fire risk assessment form in 1.11 the form is asking if we have combustable wall coverings. I have clicked yes but after discussions I feel that removing or intumescent treatment would be over the top and that we have sufficient escape routes from the meeting room affected (and also low risk occupancy). The Control Measures suggested in the form are asking for more severe solutions than we want to implement. How can I fill in the form without falling foul at an inspection?

2) re 2.3: There is a kitchen in the building. We do not have the manuals for the cooking ranges. The manufacturer does not exist any longer. How can we overcome the requirement to use the equipment in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions?

3) re 2.13 We use rolled up extension leads when vacuuming the building. Does this fall foul of the requirement to fully uncoil cables to avoid fires?

Thanks for your help


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Hi Ken

to 1.11: You do not have to choose any of the proposed corrective actions. You can either devise your own fire safety measure or you can explain in the text section at the end of chapter 1 why you think that no further action is needed.

to 2.3: If you cannot get hold of a manual for your kitchen units and you have different people working in the kitchen, you should write a short instruction yourself. Explain the 'oddities' of your equipment and point out the fire safety risks (eg leaving towels on the cooker or leaving towels unsupervised on the handle of the oven)

to 2.13 The vacuum is only in use under supervision and for short periods, so there is little risk of a fire as a result of overheating of a cable reel. However, make sure that there is no permanent load on any cable reels.

I hope this helps


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Naz The government thinks you can but allow me to inject some caution here, it is nowhere as simple as some think. I know many professional fire risk assessors spend too much time on sorting out garbage fire risk assessments that fail to pass the enforcement officers. I do accept for small and small/medium premises it is possible for the man in the street can do an acceptable FRA but do be careful.

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-risk-assessment/ for more information.

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