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Large single pocket fire door - DIY?

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I have a large conversion project that requires a FD30 door to cover a 2150mm gap (normal height of 2040mm). It needs to be a pocket door system with a single door of 1950mm minimum (to avoid over complicating there are issues with available space on one side but I could get away with a short side door, steps in front and a staircase behind requires the extreme width solution).

My question is (given I have exhausted any solutions that don’t involve putting in steel doors and new concrete ceiling)... can I put 3 regular FD30 doors together using a hardwood sheet each side and just ensure I am using a FD rated ceiling track? And appropriate seals?

If this is possible any issue with covering final product in a gloss laminated material?

Then would building inspectors be happy if we can just show that we used appropriate materials or is further certification required of the final product?

Appreciate help here as I’m weeks invested into research and getting nowhere fast.

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The requirements to comply with Building Regulations can be found at https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/832633/Approved_Document_B__fire_safety__volume_2_-_2019_edition.pdf

Appendix C deals with fire doors and states that they must meet the required fire resistance requirement when tested to BS 476 - 22 or EN 1634 - 1.  Therefore, as I understand the requirements, your bespoke design will need to be supported by documentary evidence.

Fire door manufacturers will be able to provide you with maximum leaf dimensions and suitable configurations but I am not aware of a single leaf door that meets your specification. 





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