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Fire door gap

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Hello All!

I have recently taken over the fire safety within the Company I am working for. They have never done any fire door checks. 

When undertaking this, I found that 7/10 of the doors on the main escape route had more than a 4mm gap between the door leaf and frame (top and sides). What is the best solution to correct this? Can i just add strips of wood the door frames to correct this gap? Is this solution accepted?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jake,

Yours is a common issue at existing buildings of all types.  The issue with fire resisting doors is that the installed fire door should replicate the one tested/assessed to the fire performance tests BS 476 part 22 and/or BS EN 1634-1.  The guidance document BS 8214:2016 Timber-based fire doors Code of practice is the standard for installation, inspection, maintenance and repairs for timber-based fire doors.

Unfortunately, adding thin strips (1mm to 5mm thick say) of timber would not be a suitable repair. 

To rectify excessive door leaf to door frame gaps, the preferred method is to either: pack behind hinge blades with suitable low pressure intumescent gasket material whilst taking care that the hanging edge gap remains at 4mm maximum     OR    to loosen the door frame and use timber folding-wedges to adjust the door to frame gap. Whilst the architraves are removed there exists an opportunity to check that the door frame to wall gap has been sealed correctly.  As a last resort it may be necessary to remove the door lipping and fit thicker (at least 6mm) hardwood lippings.  These are jobs for Competent Persons. 

Ensure your maintenance team follow best practice advice https://shop.bsigroup.com/ProductDetail/?pid=000000000030332501     &    https://www.asdma.com/knowledge-centre/

Hope this is helpful, Neil.


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