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I have a marquee situated about 2m from an emergency exit from a hotel. The marquee has an occupancy of around 300 so that gives some idea of size. Marquees are exempted from building regulations so it would appear that any perceived risk is assessed using standard methods. Anyone have comments or had issues?

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Thank you Tom. My question was poorly worded and written in a rush. The kernel of the matter is that we have a marquee located only 2m from a building. The former is an exempt building under building regulations whilst the latter is an existing building of some age. If the marquee was to be determined as a building to which the building regulations did apply then it’s wall facing the existing structure would need to offer 60min fire resistance with a minimum SOF. I can find nothing prescriptive in relation to how far a marquee should be from an existing building or a relevant boundary. Six metres tends to be an advisory between tents and caravans.

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Check out 5.4 of http://www.cfpa-e.eu/wp-content/uploads/files/guidelines/CFPA_E_Guideline_No_7_2011_F.pdf they seem to be saying six metres which to  be the advisory distance between tents and caravans. Have you checked with the insurance I am sure they will have opinions on this matter.

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