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Damage certification label


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Hi all,

I have found some fire doors (FD30 and FD60, timber) which have baffled me and am looking for some guidance if possible.

The first thing I looked for was the certification label on the top of the door. Several are missing, however several have been damaged by intumescent fire strips (the brush type) these are literally going straight through the labels on the actual door rather than door frame. Am I correct in thinking these are been retro fitted at a later date? Unfortunately the labels are so badly damaged I cannot see any details.

In addition, there is a black "foam" style material all around the door frame which sits flush with the door (well kinda of flush!) I presumed this was an acoustic dampener rather than anything fire related? 

Many thanks in advance for any help,  assistance or thoughts... 

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What you describe is quite common as the certification label is sometimes damaged when the door is installed.

Intumescent edge seals may be fitted to the door frame or alternatively to the door leaf, so they may have been fitted when the door was first installed. 

From what you say, I assume the black foam you describe is a strip fitted to the corner of the rebate stop? Would need to see it to make any comment.

If you are in doubt about the suitability of the doors you could contact a certificated fire door inspector.

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