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Flat or Maisonette


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Stumped on this one and any guidance appreciated. I was invited to look at a prospective HMO in a block of flats. The building in which the prospective HMO is located has four storeys, ground, first, second and third floors. The building is located in Scotland.

There are two flats on each storey. A protected stairway accessed at ground floor level serves all storeys.

The prospective HMO is located on the top storey/third floor. Storey height to third floor flat main entrance door is 9m. Top most storey height in building is 12m. No riser provided.

The flat is accessed via your standard hardwood FD30S self-closing door into a hallway .The hallway has kitchen, sitting room, toilet and various cupboards.

An internal stairway within the flat leads to an upper floor containing four bedrooms, bathroom and another sitting room.

Is this a Flat or possibly a Maisonette? I am aware of the definitions contained in the Domestic technical handbook but am still stumped.

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I think most people on this forum are involved in English and Welsh fire law, with the Scottish/Northern Ireland  fire laws so different, to get involved in more than one would need a lot of research, which would be outside to scope of many of us. 

However I did find this which may be of use https://www.gov.scot/publications/fire-safety-risk-assessment-forms-and-guidance/.

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