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  1. Has anyone come across a situation whereby they have encountered unenclosed electrical meters and their associated electrical wiring in the common stairway enclosures serving domestic dwelling flats? If so would they consider enclosing such installations and why? The stairway enclosures in which the installations are located have no form of ventilation to fresh air.
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    Flat or Maisonette

    Thankyou Tom for your guidance.
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    Flat or Maisonette

    Stumped on this one and any guidance appreciated. I was invited to look at a prospective HMO in a block of flats. The building in which the prospective HMO is located has four storeys, ground, first, second and third floors. The building is located in Scotland. There are two flats on each storey. A protected stairway accessed at ground floor level serves all storeys. The prospective HMO is located on the top storey/third floor. Storey height to third floor flat main entrance door is 9m. Top most storey height in building is 12m. No riser provided. The flat is accessed via your s
  4. Thanks for your response Tom, it's appreciated. I agree it's one of those things that if I go into another premises in the future and I have a toilet with an extractor fan or hand dryer, I may have set a precedent for myself and start to really go OTT. Given there is a current EICR certificate for the fixed wiring and limited readily combustible materials in the bathroom I don't feel I can justify upgrading. I may recommend a self closing device. Cheers
  5. Would it be considered as reasonable to upgrade to FD30S the door to a bathroom with an electric shower and containing WC in an HMO. The bathroom opens into the common internal means of escape hallway. All rooms including hallway are provided with hard wired AFD. Upgrade of the door is considered on the basis of the existence of the electric shower in the bathroom. The current door has no FR and is not SC. Any advice appreciated.
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