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Fire door requiremetns with two means of escape avaialble

Guest James

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Hi there,

I was after some advice. I live in a small block of flats. We are lucky enough to have two internal means of escape (an exit at each end of the building). Our existing entrance doors are old solid doors but unlikely to be classed as a fire door. We have a fully functioning fire alarm system with detectors in every flat. As there are two means of escape available to all residents how important is it that we get compliant fire doors installed? Would this be essential or more of a recommendation?

Many thanks- James  

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Without seeing the premises I cannot give a definitive opinion. Depending on the age of the flats the doors may be notional fire doors, that is to say doors that are of a solid construction, ironmongery  & framing that would have met fire doors standards of the time (for example smoke seals and intumescent strips didn't exist until the 1980's, fire doors used a close fit into a rebated frame instead) and in a small block these can be accepted under current guidance as long as self closers are fitted.

Also it sounds like you have a premises with a site wide fire detection & alarm system of the coverage needed as part of a full evacuate policy as oppose to stay put.

And thirdly you have an independent secondary escape.

Taking all these into account it would not be considered essential for modern specification fire doors to be fitted (but desirable as even if everyone can escape in time in the current set up there is a risk of greater smoke and fire spread and consequent damage)

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