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Sprinkler systems


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Hi, silly question but in our office we have huge amounts of portable electrical equipment such as monitors, PC's, laptops, kettles, microwaves, photocopiers, printers, etc.  A typical large open plan office.

The building is fitted throughout with a sprinkler system which is obviously a plus point!

But, is there not a risk of electrocution or other problems if the sprinkler system activates over a piece of electrical equipment that is plugged in to the mains??

Also, when does the sprinkler stop putting water on the fire??  Does it work for a certain period of time or does it automatically somehow recognise when the flames are extinguished and stop??  We're worried it may keep throwing water on the equipment in the area(s) where a fire starts which may cause other damage.  

Any advice always appreciated!!

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Sprinklers only stop when the water runs out or some one turns them off.

Sprinklers only activate at a preset temperature, and it has to be that temperature at the sprinkler before it operates (The red ones it is 68 degrees centigrade, the colour of the sprinkler bulb denotes at which temperature the sprinkler operates at)

So for example if a pc monitor caught fire I doubt it would reach 68 degrees at a sprinkler since there is not much to actually burn, and no doubt it would start smoking first in which case some one would have turned it off.  If the pc monitor was surrounded by combustible materials and these also ignited then yes the chances are the sprinkler would activate and yes there is a possibility the water would short out the electricity but that would cause the fuse in the plug to blow (cutting off the electricity)

You also have to consider that unlike the movies, chances are some one would have noticed (in this case) the monitor and surrounding area is on fire and they would have raised the alarm and or be using a fire extinguisher for its intended use.

Sprinklers are mainly to stop fire when the area is unoccupied, so there would be no danger to life.

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