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BS 5306-8 Clause 8.2 Legal requirement?

Guest DaveS

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Hi I have just been told BS 5306-8 Clause 8.2 referring to "Each storey with an area less than or equal to 400m² should have at least 2 extinguishers having a minimum total fire rating of 26A (e.g. minimum 2 x 3L Hydrospray or 2 x 9L foam)" became a mandatory legal requirement 6 months ago. Can you confirm that it is a legal requirement please.

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Change your contractor - they are trying to fleece you by scare tactics by saying it's the law. Firstly it's not and secondly it's been in the guidance for a lot longer than 6 months!

Common sense and a risk based approach dictates that smaller areas, especially if only one exit, would be more than amply covered by a single unit. You will never get prosecuted for this, the only time you might have to accept the overkill is if your insurer insists.

The Standards are influenced by those who make and sell extinguishers or represent their trade and are not as objectively independent as they should be.

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