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Call centre occupancy calculations


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We're trying to work out what a safe number is for our call centre - BS9999 / ADB Vol 2 show 6m / person for Offices (as a guide)...

But, we have introduced smaller desks (1200mm x 800mm) as opposed to the original desks in the office space.

Is there a specific guide for calculating the occupancy capacity for 'call centre' environments?? 

As always, any guidance always very much appreciated! .salut

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Looking at all the various questions on here for different premises it looks like you need to employ the services of an external competent person.

Call centres usually have a higher density than offices and in older buildings, constructed based on office use and before call centres were a thing, will usually only have means of escape based on the lower office density and so a change of use results in overloading the capacity of the escape routes, both vertical & horizontal.

I would first calculate the maximum capacity of your existing escape routes as this often is where the limiting factor comes in. 

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